Using fair-trade principles with a sensitivity towards preserving the ancient Khmu culture,

the BounBoun mesh bag is produced from a fast-growing jungle vine that needs no cultivation, irrigation or chemicals. Woven by women of the tribe, this family tradition is a skill that has been handed down through generations. We incorporated the delicate yet strong lace mesh into our own design, adding natural cowhide leather, and BounBoun was born.

A portion of the proceeds of the BounBoun Glass bag goes to the Jungle Vine Foundation that supports the Khmu tribes, directly affecting people in more than 30 Laotian villages.

The word for festival in Lao is “boun.”

Say it twice and it’s double the fun! Each purchase of a BounBoun bag directly impacts the quality of life of the indigenous people of northern Laos, providing them with a livelihood without having to sacrifice their traditional ways and rich culture.